Artist Submissions

 Wanna join the family of talented photographers who show here? Submit your work today!

To submit your work for consideration:

Please email the gallery 10-15 of your best images, or a link to your online portfolio, along with a brief cover letter on why you feel you would be a good addition to our gallery, as well as your contact information. We also accept Dropbox folder invitations. Images do not need to be larger than 72 res. Please no walk-ins... we will not view your work in person unless you have scheduled an appointment with us first. All email submissions should be sent to After receiving your email submission, we will respond within one week. 

Resident Artist Space:

Residency is a six month minimum rental lease which rolls over to month-to-month afterwards. Rent is based off square footage of wall space, and can be anywhere from $200 on up to $700 a month with a 10% commission fee. We currently have artists that have been with us for five to six years.. so space does not open up too often! We generally have anywhere from 10-13 resident artists. If residency space is full when you submit your work, we will consider putting your submission on a wait list until space becomes available.

Exhibit Space:

Our exhibit space consists of six main walls and is rent free, but we take a standard 40% commission on sales. It is generally booked for a three month period. To be considered for this space, please submit a cohesive body of work that overall represents a main theme or subject. Our exhibiting artist space is in the front of the gallery and can be seen at night from the street as we keep the front section of the gallery lit up 24/7. 

Wall 1 (Brick): 60x120in

Wall 2: 60x107in

Wall 3: 55x49in

Wall 4: 60x135in

Wall 5 (Hallway): 60x155in

Wall 6 (Hallway): 60x138in

Emerging Artist Space:

For new and up and coming artists with little gallery or overall photographic experience. The space has an extended wooden board that is 73x32 inches. Everything will need to be hung with a wire backing… even gallery mounts. We recommend 3-5 images on the wall depending on size, one to place on an easel and a collection of matted bin prints... preferably 16x20 in size. We provide a small table for business cards and a framed bio/artist statement if you so desire. The space is free of rent, has a 50/50 commission rate, and is generally booked for 3 months to coincide with our main Exhibit Space.

We ask artists to come out for First Fridays to try and promote their work in person and to help us market their work through print and on social media.  Denver Photo Art Gallery has worked with artists of all skill levels both nationally and internationally over many years... we try to make it an easy and fun experience, so please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to help and excited to work with you!

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